MaryAnn L. Miller
Check out my book of poetry published by PS Books of
Philadelphia: Locus Mentis. Available now at
Locus Mentis is available also at the Clinton Book Shop, Clinton, NJ. Check out for artist book projects.
My prints are available through the Printmaking Center of New Jersey Corporate Portfolio.

Folded Chromosome
Screen Monotype with Chine Colle

Drug Trial April 2012
Screen Monotype with woodcuts and chine colle.
30" x 22"

Collioid: Sol
Screen Monotype, pochoir, collage
22" x 30"
Myotonia with Fern
Screen monotype with collage

The prints are Screen Monotypes with added collage of paper and silk. These additions are known as chine colle. Some of the prints are also embellished with hand touches such as pochoir which is a form of stencil printing.
My work is about the rudiments of human existence, biological
identity, who we are genetically and culturally. I imagine the soundless language of chromosomes within the body at
subatomic levels. Genetic material is passed on, it  mutates.
It creates life and lifestyles. Human relationships have been impacted by religion, science, and politics. I search the meager remnants of my cultural and biological identity for images and words to communicate the passion I feel for these universal ideas- for the phenomenon of self coming into consciousness. 

MaryAnn L. Miller, M.Ed. MFA, has been the Resident Book Artist at the Experimental Printmaking Institute, Lafayette College since 2001. Her work is in the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Her poetry has been published in Certain Circuits, Philadelphia Poets Anthology, Fox Chase Review, Rathalla Review, Musehouse Journal, Wordgathering, Kaleidoscope, and forthcoming in the Ragged Sky Anthology, and Literary Mama. 

She has been a contributing writer on women in the arts for Garden State Woman magazine, and her feature on artist Willie Cole was recently published in the International Review of African American Arts.

Miller debut book of poems, Locus Mentis, has been published by PS Books, the small press division of Philadelphia Stories magazine.

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Hemoglobin  April 2012
Screen Monotype with chine colle
30" x 22" Sold

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